50 Days ‘Til Summer Challenge!

Our next HealthCrush Challenge starts on April 20th! Spring is here and it’s time to get ready for summer!

We’re changing up the format for our 50 Days ‘Til Summer Challenge and we think you’re going to LOVE it!

50 Days ‘Til Summer Challenge:

* April 20 – June 8

* Physical Challenges on Thursdays at 12:45 pm and Sundays at 1:30 pm to come together and push our fitness limits to new heights

* Meetings on April 23, April 30 and May 21 at 1pm to discuss the science behind fitness nutrition

* Points system to track your participation – earn points just for coming to class, weighing in, tracking your food and more

* Prizes for participation and a grand prize for the top point earners

* Facebook group for community support

* Weekly emails

* Ice cream treats in the studio for after physical challenges and classes

Sign up here or email jessica@fitcrushstudio.com for more information.


New Year, New You


Happy New Year from FitCrush!

New Year, New You

Time to try something new for 2017! FitCrush is offering $59 monthly memberships for your first 4 months if you sign up in January. Join us  for small classes with personalized attention including HIIT training boot camps, barre, Zumba and kickboxing.

Email classes@fitcrushstudio.com to try out a free class and get more details.


Want the Whole Package?

Join us for a HealthCrush Challenge and learn how to drop body fat and build lean muscle for life. Two new Challenge groups forming in January

Core Challenge – $189
For those starting out or returning to fitness. Our flexible fitness nutrition plan combined with our signature exercise plan that focuses on strength training will help you to increase lean muscle and reduce body fat. We will teach you how by balancing your macronutrients you can create habits that are healthy for life.

Hardcore Challenge – $289
Do you exercise regularly but want to be certain you are strength training for maximum results? Are you feeling determined to make a change to your body and are willing to follow a precise diet to make it happen?  Our Hardcore challenge offers a more restricted diet plan to help you fine tune your body, reduce your body fat, reset your metabolism and increase lean muscle. IF you are READY TO WORK HARD and have the discipline to get the results you’re after… This challenge is for you.


What do you get?

~Unlimited fitness classes during the 6 week challenge
~A guided study of a book that correlates to our shared goals
~Individual weekly weigh ins
~Group support meetings that focus on fitness nutrition strategies for success
~Our exclusive HealthCrush guide that outlines our signature fitness nutrition plan, filled with wellness tips, tips for dining out/flexibility and workouts.
~Weekly update emails
~ Access to our private Facebook group for ongoing community support.

Visit www.fitcrushstudio.com for more info!

Upper Body Resistance Band Workout

Side view of a sporty young woman using resistance band in fitne

Great workout for travel!


Warm Up

10 of each for 5-10 minutes (modify cardio exercises as needed to meet your fitness level and take breaks between rounds if necessary)

  1. High Knees
  2. Oblique Twists
  3. Lunge Jumps
  4. Ball Slams

Section 1 – Compound Muscle Exercises

8-10 of each exercise for 5 sets

  1. Push ups
  2. Resistance Chest Press (anchor band under legs of bench. Lay flat on bench and grab handle/end of band in each hand, start with elbows bent 90 degrees like a goal post by your sides and press hands up and together, return to start position.)

Section 2 – Targeted Muscle Exercises

Muscle Group 1- Back

8-10 of each exercise for 3 sets

  1. Seated Row (sit on floor with legs straight out, hook the band around the bottoms of your feet and pull back, keeping elbows tucked close to your sides, squeezing with your back. Return to start position.)
  2. Lat pulldown (Anchor band overhead on horizontal bar and kneel in front of it. Grab ends of bands with each hand, with arms mostly straight, and pull down to about shoulder level. Return to start position)
  3. Reverse fly (stand on center of band, cross bands and hold one end in each hand. Bend over and pull bands out to sides keeping arms mostly straight, return to starting position.)

Muscle Group 2 – Arms

8-10 of each exercise for 3 sets

  1. Overhead press ( stand on center of band and grab one end in each hand. Start with palms facing forward, elbows at 90 degrees in goal post formation. Press arms straight up and together, return to start.)
  2. Biceps Curls (stand on center of band and grab one end in each hand. Start with arms extended down at sides and pull the bands up towards shoulders with both hands)
  3. Triceps kickbacks (stand in a forward lunge position (slightly bent at waist) standing on band with front foot. Hold each end of the band and have bent arms with elbows tucked close to your body. Bend your elbow pulling the band back behind you while extending your arm. Return to starting position. After 8-10 reps repeat on other arm)

Section 3 – Abdominal Exercises

Do 15-20 of each

  1. Plank (1 minute)
  2. Crunches
  3. Bicycle crunches
  4. Russian Twist
  5. Leg lifts

Cool Down and Stretch

  1. Arm across body, pull with opposite arm
  2. Bent arm overhead, pull elbow with opposite hand
  3. Stretch on bar, arms behind and pulling chest forward


** To move lactic acid and elevate your heart rate, cardio intervals can be added in between each section or each set**


Disclaimer: FitCrush takes no responsibility for what you do in your own workouts. These workouts are recommended guidelines only. If something hurts, stop immediately and do not repeat the exercise. If you injure yourself while exercising call your doctor for guidance. Make your trainer aware at your next group exercise class or personal training session if you have been dealing with an injury so they can offer modifications if necessary.

Don’t Lose Your Weigh (Ins)

Fitness Couple Jumping Happy At Sunset

Summer HealthCrush Challenge: July 5 – August 23

with Summer Celebration Sunday, August 28

Meetings on Tuesday evenings at 8pm following 7pm CrushHIIT Lower Body Class

We’ve got a great program designed to keep you on track all summer long:

  • Weekly Group Meetings with your HealthCrush Coach
  • Personal Accountability Charts in the HealthCrush Room to track your progress whenever you are in town
  • Multiple Weigh In Opportunities throughout the Week
  • Weekly Emails with Tips, Inspirations, and Quick Workouts you can do on vacation (even with no gym access)
  • WhatsApp Chat to Stay Connected and Support Each Other (optional)

Email Jessica at Jessica@fitcrushstudio.com or stop by the front desk to sign up!


Men’s HealthCrush Challenge

Men’s Challenge Group Forming Now! Join Us Monday at 7pm for Our First Meeting!

So many neighborhood women have been having such great success with our HealthCrush Challenge, the husbands asked for their own group. A HealthCrush Challenge group solely for men that focuses on building lean muscle mass is forming now.

Meetings will be held Mondays at 7pm starting May 16th through June 20th. 

New Member Special for HealthCrush – $189 for 6 Weeks, includes:
Individualized Nutrition Plan
Weekly Group Meetings that focus on strategies to gain lean muscle mass and eating for fitness
Unlimited Body Sculpting Personal Trainer-Led Bootcamps and Group Fitness Classes

Challenge yourself! Email jessica@fitcrushstudio.com to join.

The Hard Gainer’s Dilemma: Getting On the Horse

I have been ultra-lean my whole life. Last week I disclosed to the family my intentions to “bulk up.” My teenage daughter sneered and said; “why would you want to do that?” Before I could reply, my son retorted; “Look at him! He disappears when he turns to the side. It’s like a sheet of paper with a head on an Adam’s Apple.” He is always so cleaver.  If I wanted their approval, I was getting it in a very unusual way.

I had always thought of myself as being consigned to the “skinny” (read: sickly) category for life. I suppose that’s the reason I historically preferred the running track to the weight room. I always felt intimidated by all of… what one finds in those places. And, I really do enjoy running. I ran two marathons while in the Air Force; my mental reprieve from the anxiety I struggled through during training and education.

My wife’s recent counsel regarding nutrition turned a new leaf for me. She sat me down with one of her macro-tracker books and we hashed out all of the food I had eaten the previous week. The result: I wasn’t eating enough.

Caloric intake for a man of my height and desired size was 900 calories more than I was consuming. The culprit? My lousy appetite. And why did I never feel like eating? Because I’m always stuck behind a desk playing “Pong” with mouse and keyboard. …okay, not ‘’Pong.” Still, my sedentary lifestyle was making me crave less food.

My diet was limited to morning coffee, an office “communal snack” of bagel or doughnut for lunch and then home for a late, rushed dinner. Midday hunger? Coffee. Always coffee. It staves off hunger for sure. It also makes me a nervous wreck and decreases my focus when on task. Not good for someone whose employment it is to sift through seemingly trivial details to find correlative anomalies. Boring stuff. It requires focus, not nervous tension.

I am highly pragmatic about changes like these. I typically use a standardized military concept of operation (CONOP) when approaching things like this. The stages are: Assessment (current state vs. desired future state), Planning, Execution, Assessment and Lessons Learned, [Repeat].

So, I’ve “assessed” a current state (175lbs @ 23%) and a desired future state (195lbs @ <15%). I’ve assessed this desired future state mostly because my dad (nearly identical build) maintained 195 from his separation from the Army and well into his 70’s. I’ve chosen the proposed BMI because 12-15% is a healthy index that can be maintained without having to do the “bulk/shred” regimen. I want to stay away from the “bulk/shred” stuff. Because I think it is evil.


  • Eat breakfast, Plan lunch and dinner with appropriate snacks in between.
  • Eat plenty of veggie fiber. Count my calories (within reason).
  • GET TO THE GYM (not the track).
  • Find someone to work out with (works for the gym and distance training alike).
  • Work with Elisabeth to build a work out regimen that accomplishes my goals.

My name is Jonathan and I have decided to blog my progress for several reasons. Partly to show off the tools and resources available through FitCrush; partly to give an inside look into what it takes to make this happen for someone like me, but mostly to show that it is even possible for someone like me (very skinny, GIANT Adam’s apple, marginally sunken chest, stubborn belly) to get a large chest, prominent shoulders, abs; and generally sport a body I don’t feel ashamed of pool-side. The objective is to sculpt my body with lean gains. It is possible and I want to show the proof of concept.

Transformation – Rebecca

All my life I’ve struggled with my weight. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been obese, or even that over weight. My struggle was a mental one. I was never skinny enough, and somewhere in my life I had begun to equate my fat content with self worth, so I was never good enough. Not by the standards I had set for myself, which, to be honest, were deeply influenced by the media’s unhealthy standard of beauty. Eventually I developed an eating disorder. My relationship with food was completely destroyed.

After several years, I realized how destructive I was being toward my body, and began working toward recovery. I was able to stop a lot of the destructive behaviors, but my negative mentality remained, and still, despite my best efforts not to, I linked my happiness to my weight.


Elizabeth has made me feel like Wonder Woman!

A few months ago, I moved to the DC area. This meant having to find a new house, doctor, dentist, and of course, gym. I went on Groupon to see if there were any discounts in the area, and that is where I saw FitCrushDC. I had never done fitness classes before, and I thought it might be fun to try. Little did I know these classes came with the most amazing instructor and coach, Elizabeth. As part of my Groupon, I could also meet with her once a week to discuss my goals, needs, and progress. At our first meeting I opened up to her about my issues with disorder eating, and to my surprise, she had a lot of experience working with people like me. When we sat down to develop a workout and excursive plan for me, we also worked on how I could learn how to dress my own mental blocks when it came to health and food.

It’s now been almost four months, and I yes, I’ve slimed down and toned up, but the thing that is the biggest change for me is the support I’ve gained as I work toward having a better mental health about myself. I feel more confident and relaxed. Elizabeth is the most encouraging person, and she always knows how to help me toward my overall goal, which is living a well balanced, happy life. I recommend FitCrushDC to everyone, but especially to those who feel like their relationship with their own body has become lacking. I wish I had had this in my life when I was a teenager, because I honestly believe it would have saved me lots of pain and heartache by laying a foundation of good habits and a good attitude toward myself.