Adding Days to Your Life

Here at FitCrush, we love it when magazines write articles about things we already know 😉

Here is a great article about a new research study that shows how strength training can extend your life. Come strength train with us and add days to your life! Our  next HealthCrush Challenge is a great way to get started!

The Workout That Makes You Live Longer

If you’re a cardio junkie, it may be tempting to skip the weight room when you work out. Hey, your legs are sore after you hit up your go-to spin class. That totally counts as strength training, right? Eh, not so much. And according to new research, it might be time to stop skimping on a legit leg day, because anaerobic exercise (a.k.a. strength training) may be the secret to longevity.

In the study published in the journal Preventative Medicine, researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine found a link between strength training and a longer life. While, yes, cardio has been shown to lower your risk for cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer, there’s much less research on how strength training (as opposed to cardio or overall activity levels) impacts your health and longevity. Read more…


Barre Fitness Gets an “A+”

Check out this great article on all of the benefits of barre classes for women. Keep it up BarreCrush ladies! If you haven’t tried BarreCrush with Lisa O. yet, come give it a try, your body will thank you!

Dr. Sara Grades Different Forms of Exercise for Women: Barre Fitness Gets an “A+”

By Sara Gottfried MD


As an OB/GYN, hormone expert, and specialist in women’s health, I receive a lot of questions from my patients about their bodies. While many of the questions involve hormones and reproductive health, I am also asked a lot about physical activity. Specifically, which exercise is the best for weight loss? How do I build strength without bulking up? Is CrossFit too dangerous for a woman my age? And what the heck is all this buzz about barre fitness? read more.