Transformation – Rebecca

All my life I’ve struggled with my weight. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been obese, or even that over weight. My struggle was a mental one. I was never skinny enough, and somewhere in my life I had begun to equate my fat content with self worth, so I was never good enough. Not by the standards I had set for myself, which, to be honest, were deeply influenced by the media’s unhealthy standard of beauty. Eventually I developed an eating disorder. My relationship with food was completely destroyed.

After several years, I realized how destructive I was being toward my body, and began working toward recovery. I was able to stop a lot of the destructive behaviors, but my negative mentality remained, and still, despite my best efforts not to, I linked my happiness to my weight.


Elizabeth has made me feel like Wonder Woman!

A few months ago, I moved to the DC area. This meant having to find a new house, doctor, dentist, and of course, gym. I went on Groupon to see if there were any discounts in the area, and that is where I saw FitCrushDC. I had never done fitness classes before, and I thought it might be fun to try. Little did I know these classes came with the most amazing instructor and coach, Elizabeth. As part of my Groupon, I could also meet with her once a week to discuss my goals, needs, and progress. At our first meeting I opened up to her about my issues with disorder eating, and to my surprise, she had a lot of experience working with people like me. When we sat down to develop a workout and excursive plan for me, we also worked on how I could learn how to dress my own mental blocks when it came to health and food.

It’s now been almost four months, and I yes, I’ve slimed down and toned up, but the thing that is the biggest change for me is the support I’ve gained as I work toward having a better mental health about myself. I feel more confident and relaxed. Elizabeth is the most encouraging person, and she always knows how to help me toward my overall goal, which is living a well balanced, happy life. I recommend FitCrushDC to everyone, but especially to those who feel like their relationship with their own body has become lacking. I wish I had had this in my life when I was a teenager, because I honestly believe it would have saved me lots of pain and heartache by laying a foundation of good habits and a good attitude toward myself.


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